Jenna Lyons, You Win.

today’s closetcast: what bride?

Solange Knowles Marries Alan Ferguson - Wedding Day

Forever a fan of Jenna Lyons. Worn to Solange Knowles’ highly instagrammed New Orleans wedding, this gorgeous look is so hands-down beautiful, I had to come out of the blogging woodwork to do a post about it. While everyone was admiring the bride, here glides in Jenna Lyons in a gorgeous full length feather skirt, crisp white shirt, dreamy fur jacket, and leopard clutch. Wait… what bride? I forgot about her too. I think this look could even work for a modern day, unconventional bride. That skirt is absolute heaven. What do you guys think?

image courtesy of Who What Wear


16 responses to “Jenna Lyons, You Win.

  1. I think she looks amazing! I think she has great personal style — and this is why she’s one of my style icons! 🙂

  2. caramelbubbletea

    Amazing skirt gorgeous! ❤️

  3. Beautiful post!


  4. “Out of the blogging woodwork” bahahahaha

  5. Obsessed with everything that is happening here! She stole the show!

  6. Wow she’s amazingly stunning!

  7. Lovely post. you can see that you spend a lot of time and love for your posts. I am looking forward for more. keep up your good work.

  8. Jenna- everything she does is just perfection!

  9. LOVE the post! Aaaand that full length, feather skirt! Keep all the fabulous-ness coming 😉

  10. tomboyprincesscharm

    She gives me hope that I don’t have to look like a dork with glasses on.

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